walee enterprise service center

What your brand needs

Brand Managment

Protect your brand against fake news and negative content going viral

Walee Enterprise understands conversations happening about your brand and safeguards it by actively tracking negative comments and sentiments about your image, products, and services. Reputation management is as important as boosting your brand’s influence, as the cost to repair the damage can be up to 100 times more than by simply following crisis avoidance tactics.

  • Over 90% of customers follow their brands on social media networks, so a single customer’s unfavourable post can influence thousands within minutes
  • Analysing thousands of digital conversations and comments 24/7 about your selected topics for unfavorable news can detect potential trends early and can be immediately addressed
walee enterprise brand management

Digital Service Center

Manage social and digital conversations in one place

Walee Enterprise actively analyses all communications, whether posted online or sent as a message, and smartly directs them for quick resolution using the best way, whether as an automated solution or by an agent. Smart features enables you to:

  • Deliver positive user experiences by improved first-response resolution
  • Improve sales by quickly prioritizing prospects and customers for opportunities
  • Avoid potential issues by detecting high-risk messages and brand threats before they escalate, like fake news going viral on social channels
walee enterprise digital service center


walee enterprise social listening

Social Listening

  • Social platform integration
  • 24/7 web crawling
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Source tracking
  • Multilingual support

walee enterprise smart ticketing

Smart Ticketing

  • Ticket resolution
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Escalation management
  • Pre-defined statistics rules based workflow management
  • Call center screens
  • Smart ticket allocation & reassignment

walee enterprise engagement management

Engagement Management

  • Smart ticket allocation & reassignment
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Customer history
  • CRM integration
  • Influencer management

walee enterprise collaboration controls

Collaboration Controls

  • Reporting stats
  • Insight center
  • Real-time agent monitoring & reporting
  • Real-time updates
  • Malicious content monitoring

walee enterprise social listening and consumer intelligence


  • Admin portal
  • Team management
  • Multi-channel management
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Response templates

Business Benefits

leverage influencer insights & spend smarter

Spend Smarter

Leverage influencer power and social commerce to deliver your business objectives, from impression based campaigns to selling via a network of Walee shops stocked with your product.

work and access walee enterprise anywhere

Work Anytime, Anywhere

Access and use Walee Enterprise instantly, whether to run promotional campaigns, respond to queries from Facebook, or view the latest insights.


walee enterprise fully compliant

Be Safe

Know that influencer compliance processes, whitelists, content moderation services and escalation processes are used to better protect your brand from potential issues.

track and optimize marketing campaigns through walee enterprise

Get Results

Track and optimize marketing and sales initiatives by timely and complete intelligence that can be integrated to your system.

walee enterprise helps working with collaborative effort

Collaborate Effectively

Work with your in-house teams, agencies or Influencers based on your preferred Walee set-up.

unique and complete crm solution, walee enteprise

Unique Complete Solution

Use the full range of marketing, sales and service capabilities to better serve customers, manage brand, understand competitors and seize commerce opportunities.

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