Walee Influencer Industry Insights Report
Pakistan Overview 2021-2022

Influencer Marketing has been growing rapidly and almost every reputable brand has been working with influencers. You will find numerous insights and reports on influencers globally, but none of them would include Pakistan’s Influencer Industry Insights.

Our latest report is here to give you exclusive insights into Pakistan’s Influencer Industry in 2022.

What’s in the report?

After analyzing more than 7 million data points, Walee Influencer Industry Insights Report reveals a detailed analysis of influencers and brands. 
In this report, you will find:

  • Top 10 Industries with the most Influencer Campaigns
  • Top 10 Industry Campaigns by most Female Representation
  • Top 10 Industry Campaigns by most Male Representation
  • Top 10 Campaigns Generating the most Content
  • Top 10 Male & Female Influencers by Content Engagement rate

and many more.

Explore how impactful Influencer Marketing can be for your business. Register today on Walee.

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