Empowering Pakistan’s Creators and Brands: Walee Creators Academy Season 2 Launches in Islamabad

Islamabad, September 12, 2023 Walee hosted its Creators Academy Season 2 launch with some of Pakistan’s top creators and marketing teams at the Walee HQ in Islamabad. The event followed 4 days of shoots with the top creators recording the next instalment of Walee Creators Academy.

Walee Creators Academy serves as a dedicated and innovative platform designed with a clear mission in mind: to birth and nurture the next generation of content creators, influencers and key opinion leaders in Pakistan. It’s an initiative that seeks to give back and make the industry accessible and sustainable – for both creators and brands.

Ali Imran Memon (SVP Creator Media @ Walee) addressed the industry’s murky supply chain and emphasised Walee’s proactive role in bridging the gap between creators and brands. He went on to mention that the industry had stagnated due to a trust deficit and that Walee has taken on the mission to bridge the gap between Creators and Brands. He highlighted Walee’s unique platform, which provides discovery, data and measurement for brand campaigns. With Walee’s insights and unwavering commitment to transparency in the supply chain, brands can rest assured that investments in Creator Media yield strong ROI.

The event saw participation from prominent brands like Jazz, Telenor, ONIC, HBL, Dao Proptech, Easy Paisa, Transworld, LeyJao, Starcom, Brainchild, Z2C and Jacked Nutrition. On the creators’ side, notable attendees included Hira Attique, Falaq Shahid, Byrooj, Hamza Bhatti, Syed Owais Ali, Ramma Jaffri, Khayyam Sajid, Mahnoor Shaukat, and Haris Mehmood.

The initiative aimed to foster meaningful interactions between creators and brands. Brand teams and creators engaged in fruitful discussions and candidly addressed the challenges they encounter when working with each other. The sundowner event ended with the Walee team promising that this is not just a beginning, but the dawn of an exciting journey ahead. 

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