[Jan 17, 2024] — WALEE, Pakistan’s leading Creator Media and Social Commerce platform, have been triumphant in their bid for the digital live streaming rights of the highly anticipated Pakistan Super League (PSL) Seasons 9 and 10. Last week, WALEE beat established media players by coming in as the highest bid to secure these rights. This marks a significant disruption to how 130 million Pakistanis will experience the PSL.

“Our goal is to create an unmatched streaming experience for Seasons 9 & 10. As Pakistan’s leading MarTech company, we saw the digital ecosystem stumble and fumble with sustaining the Live experience in the past seasons of PSL. Our team is extremely passionate about elevating the LIVE experience, creating immersive activations and exciting new engagement features for Pakistani fans. This underscores our dedication to establishing an elevated benchmark for Live streaming in Pakistan”, commented Ahsan Tahir, CEO Walee.

The upcoming PSL Seasons 9 and 10 promise to unveil unprecedented features and innovations, reshaping the digital sports entertainment landscape. This includes interactive storytelling and tech-fueled exploration, setting the stage for the future of sports streaming. Ahsan added, “Soon we will be announcing our platforms and streaming partners. With 60% of Pakistan being digitally savvy, we believe the time is right to bring in strong new platforms and introduce new monetization opportunities for the team owners as well.”

“We are gearing up to deliver a game-changing cricket streaming experience. We’re not just starting over; we’re changing how Pakistanis consume cricket digitally. Being proudly Pakistani, we will ensure that fans not only get a world-class CDN, low-latency streams and superior technical infrastructure; but also experience never-seen-before LIVE engagement features and digital native content from players, teams and fans”, stated Ali Imran Memon, SVP Creator Media & Marketing at Walee.

About Walee:

Launched in November 2019, Walee stands as Pakistan’s leading influencer marketing and social commerce platform. With a vision centered around fostering the creator economy, Walee has become the preferred platform for over 150,000 influencers and 5,000 merchants across nearly 300 cities. Walee’s MarTech suite, including Creator Insights, Influencer Marketing Services, Social Commerce, Social Listening, and Digital Service Center, operates with a commitment to compliance and corporate governance, holding the distinction of being the first and only MarTech player in Pakistan to achieve six ISO certifications.

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