Social Commerce

A social commerce ecosystem that helps businesses scale efficiently to market, sell and service.

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Key Components

Slide Walee Marketplace

Discover and connect with the right influencers. Collaborate with creators and compensate them as per their campaign performance.

Slide Influencer Insights

Find influencers who will achieve your objectives of being on Walee. Plan your social commerce campaigns in a calculated way with our AI-backed database.

Slide Walee Shops

Stock up all the products that influencers agree to promote, all in one place.

Slide Walee Enterprise

Monitor, track, and control your campaign performance with our SaaS sales and marketing automation tool, Walee Enterprise.

Key Outcomes


From lead generation to instant sales, survey feedback, coupon redemption and other types of call-to-actions


Influencers can curate and stock products that are preferred by their audiences in their Walee shop

Point of Sale

Walee’s bite-size commerce enables shoppers to purchase from within the social commerce channels by ‘bringing’ the Walee Shop to their point of interaction


AI-driven insights continually optimize the user journeys to improve the conversion opportunities

Business Driven

Any business can benefit from Walee’s SC solutions and leverage the trending platform. Sign up on Walee today

4 Step campaign process


Businesses post campaign calls


Businesses select Influencers and goals


Influencers promote and track conversion


Brands Pay commission on results

Campaign call for influencer

Leverage WALEE’s extensive influencer community and outreach channels

Select Influencers You Prefer

Slide Slide Slide

Slide Receive

Walee team chooses influencers with target persona

Slide Review

Choose influencer lineup on each platform, based on post pattern and niche analysis

Slide Shortlist Influencers

Walee team chooses influencers with target persona

Influencer Endorse/Sell

WALEE will onboard influencer to market and sell products

Acquire Customers

Walee supports multiple calls to actions resulting in valuable customer acquisition and data collection

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