Building the next generation of Sports Influencers

Building the next generation of Sports Influencers 1293 865 Muhammad Zohaib

The partnership is built on a shared vision of grassroots development. This vision aligns with both organizations’ goals. These goals involve providing new opportunities for youth, nurturing talent to a world-class level in Pakistan, and creating more opportunities for rising sports players and influencers.

Legacy Cup, Inter-School Football Tournament

The best thing to come out of this partnership is the LEGACY CUP. It was an inter-school football tournament that took place from the 24th-26th of February at Ayub Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.  Ten teams from different schools actively participated in the cup, and BMI emerged victorious with an 8-4 win. Additionally, athletes will receive mentorship programs, workshops, and other initiatives across Pakistan, alongside cash prizes and grand trophies.

The event is the first step in empowering the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful football players; Train them through professional coaching and create opportunities for social influence. The idea is to create a sustainable and thriving sports ecosystem in Pakistan that will nurture world-class talent and influencers capable of competing in the global sports industry.

About Football Factory

FOOTBALL FACTORY is Pakistan’s first independent grassroots development program. It caters to indigenous football talent, grooming them into skilled footballers and sportsmen for high-level competition. Faizan Sameer, CEO & founder of the Football Factory, expressed his views with excitement. He stated, “The vision of Football Factory is to provide a platform at the grassroots level to develop the young generation, fulfilling our dream of seeing Pakistan play in the World Cup soon.”

Since, no elite football can be complete without grassroots football, as it develops a strong foundation. Alternatively, there can be no pathway for young men and women footballers to play and represent Pakistan at the international level”. Faizan is a UEFA CFM graduate and Football Coach with having degree from the University of Lausanne in Football Management.

About Walee Creators Academy

WALEE CREATORS ACADEMY, in collaboration with IOP (Influencers of Pakistan), provides a learning platform for aspiring content creators. It offers firsthand knowledge from industry pioneers, featuring curated guidelines and how-to video tutorials. These resources help creators improve content, grow their following, and increase engagement to boost their revenue.

Football Factory X Walee

Commenting on the partnership, Ahsan Tahir, CEO and co-founder of WALEE also extended his support on the occasion with inspiring words, “This partnership encapsulates our vision of unifying the creator economy while helping the youth bring out their best potential at every level related to sports and digital media.  We believe that developing sports influencers is essential to promoting football and creating a positive impact in today’s digital era.

By providing such opportunities, we can equip young enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the industry. They can make a significant contribution to the influencer world in the coming years.

Legacy Cup & Football Factory

Legacy Cup is just the start of this collaboration with FOOTBALL FACTORY. WALEE aims to promote football by developing sports influencers in Pakistan. The goal is to provide a platform to the local community of football players and create influential sports figures who can inspire and drive positive change in society. It will lead Pakistan towards world-class football, where our teams can compete at the international level.

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What makes a Good Influencer?

What makes a Good Influencer? 1080 551 Muhammad Zohaib

Follower count vs. engagement rate

In the age of digital marketing, influencers play a vital role in creating brand awareness and generating leads. The main reason for that is people tend to trust the recommendations of influencers because of their relatability and popularity. But what determines the success of an influencer? Follower count or engagement rate.

Don't let big numbers deceive you

One can be easily deceived by the massive number of followers an influencer has, but the real question is: are those followers even organic? Or are they just paid? It does the brand no good if the followers are not real and do not engage with the content created by the influencer.

follower count vs er

Engagement Rate, why it matters?

Engagement is defined as the likes, shares, and comments on a post, and when you divide it by the number of people seeing that content, you get the engagement rate. It tells us how much the followers care about the content that the influencer posts. You can have thousands or even millions of followers; but if the engagement rate is not good, the number of followers holds no importance or benefit.


Unlocking the Power of Influence

An influencer is named so because they possess the power to influence actions. That is why having a good engagement rate is better than having a vast number of followers – Quality over quantity. This means having quality followers is immensely important. They can be simply defined as active accounts that engage with your content rather than fake audiences or passive user handles, who are just sitting as a number on your profile.

How does Walee identify legit influencers?

To get insights, WALEE developed the proprietary IQS (Influencer Quality Score) method using AI and social listening tools. This has improved the reliability of comparing influencer categories. It assists in evaluating an influencer’s following quality, whether they are mega, micro, or nano influencers.

The Right Influencer

Each influencer has its own niche and passion points. Select content creators based on campaign relevance, not just popularity, to ensure alignment with the subject and message. For instance, if your campaign is related to cricket then Wasim Akram would be the right choice, not Mathira.

the right influencer

KPIs When Working with Brands

While some brands focus on follower count, many now prioritize influencers based on their engagement rate, a wise choice!

The number of followers an influencer has doesn’t always equate to engagement. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite. Brands prefer influencers who assist in achieving their desired KPIs, like increasing conversions or engagements, rather than running awareness campaigns.

Identify passion points for engagement by considering your target group’s age bracket and preferences. These data points will help you select the right content creators for your next campaign.

Why Become A Content Creator?

Why Become A Content Creator? 1135 506 Muhammad Zohaib

Are you considering becoming a content creator? Content creation, whether as a blogger, vlogger, podcaster, or influencer, can be rewarding, but it demands dedication and perseverance. But before reaching the point of why become a content creator. One should know what is it actually. A content creator shares digital media on platforms like websites and social media, using text, images, videos, or audio.

Why Become A Content Creator?

5 good reasons to become a content creator

Building relationships and network

Content creation allows you to establish yourself as an authority or expert in your field. By consistently producing high-quality content, you’ll be able to build a reputation as a trusted source of information and inspiration in your niche, creating a network where people can relate to an established concern. This can open doors to new opportunities, such as collaborations, sponsorships, and speaking engagements.

Financial benefit

With the rise of social media and digital platforms, it’s easier than ever to reach a large audience and monetize your content through sponsorships, advertising, and other forms of monetization. While it’s important to remember that building a successful content creation career takes time and effort, the potential for financial gain can be a great motivator for those looking to make a career out of their passion.

To add value to society

Another benefit of content creation is the ability to inspire and impact others in a positive way. Whether you’re sharing your personal journey, providing helpful tips and advice, or simply entertaining your audience, your content has the power to make a difference in people’s lives. This can be a truly rewarding and fulfilling aspect of content creation.

Junaid Akram

Creative Outlet

Content creation allows you to express yourself creatively and develop new skills. Whether you’re a writer, a photographer, a video editor, or a podcast host, creating content allows you to explore your creative side and improve your craft. As you produce more content, you’ll find that your skills will improve and you’ll be able to create more engaging high-quality work.

Flexible Career

As a content creator, you have the ability to have a flexible schedule, work from anywhere, and be in control of your own content and the direction of your brand. You can work on your own time and from anywhere you want, you can decide what topics to cover, what tone to take, and how to present yourself to the world. This freedom can be incredibly empowering and allows you to create content that truly represents who you are.

5 reasons NOT to become a content creator

5 reasons NOT to become a content creator

Only for fame

While it’s possible to gain fame and make money through content creation, it’s not an easy or guaranteed path. Creating high-quality content takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. If you’re only in it for the fame and money, then content creation may not be the right choice for you.

Free stuff/trips

If your primary motivation for creating content is to boast about your accomplishments or possessions, free stuff or trips, then you’re likely to come across as insincere and your audience will not be engaged. Content creation can be a great way to share your passions and interests, but it’s not a platform for showing off or bragging

Quick money

When a person’s goal is to earn money ASAP, their vision of right and wrong gets diluted. Normally your approach is restricted to the present in this case, one will not see the harm it may cause in the future. Content creation is a consistent job and needs a coherent, morally accurate narrative to sustain a decent following over time.

It takes time and effort

Creating high-quality content takes a lot of time and effort. From researching, filming, editing, to promoting, you’ll need to be prepared to invest a significant amount of time into your content creation. If you’re not willing to put in the work, then content creation may not be the right path for you.

Mentally Taxing

Creating content can be emotionally taxing, as it can be a reflection of yourself. Receiving negative feedback or criticism can be hurtful and you’ll need to be emotionally resilient to handle it. Content creation can also be a solitary endeavor. You’ll be spending a lot of time alone, writing, filming, and editing. If you’re not comfortable with spending a lot of time by yourself, or by the feedback you might receive, then content creation may not be for you.

In conclusion, becoming a content creator can be a great opportunity, but it’s important to ensure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Do let us know in the comments below, what are your reasons for creating content. Do you have what it takes to become a good content creator/influencer?

How to make content work commercially

How to make content work commercially 1500 500 Muhammad Zohaib

In today’s age of increasing digital connectivity, content seems to be the king. Let’s learn how to make content work commercially so that you can commercialize your passion. Content spans learning, entertainment, experiential media, recommendations, shopping, and various forms of audio-visual, written, or hybrid communication. Content includes various formats (textual, iconographic, symbolic, gesture-based) tailored to specific audiences.

The rise of social media introduced content creators to influencing opinions and integrating marketing messages across categories. Genres include leisure, travel, finance, sports, gaming, beauty, fashion, and more, offering a wide array of content possibilities.

However, while many creators want and aspire to make content work commercially, very few actually can. Every content creator dreams of earning payment for their creations and their passion. But the crunch comes when you try to monetize and earn from it.

commercial content

As a content creator, if you’re unsure about monetizing your content, let’s categorize the discussion into two broad areas: 1) Intent and 2) Execution.

Consider your intent: monetize your content when dedicating yourself to it as your primary or backup career. To make your hobby or content financially supportive, it must cover your bills.

It’s natural to assume you’ll need endorsements, native advertising, online services, or subscriptions to make your content financially viable. These are some, not an exhaustive list, outlining key areas for commercial and financial success.

The second is the execution bit, where originalitypersonality, and creativity are the three cornerstone principles that top the method of earning you want to select. It helps keep the authenticity intact and doesn’t make you look like you are in it (just) for the money – as this can be the biggest put-off for your audience engagement!

methods of earning

So, what does it actually take to go big with content and make money while you’re at it? While the idea might seem daunting, you can follow some sure-shot tips to get it right – let’s begin!

1. Build Content with Context

If we haven’t emphasized this enough, it still is all about the idea. The conversation you want to have and the story you want to share with the world. Especially if it entails your own passion point. It should, rather we believe that it is a must. Only then will content production not become an unwanted chore.

The difference you want to create and the impact that you want to have will fall into place. Because this is where it all starts and this is how you keep going and keep churning.

commercialize your content

2. Show, Don’t Tell

You might have heard of Maya Angelou’s saying around, “people forget what you said and did, but ’they never forget how you made them feel”. With content becoming more visual and experiential every day, fueled by the accessibility and improvement in consumer technology with phone cameras improving drastically, DSLRs and GoPros becoming part of everyday vocabulary and drones no longer restricted to military tech.

The graphics revolution in games, movies, and cinemas is also adding to the notion that we live in a visual era. Creators must think content beyond just what to say but how to say it, in terms of execution itself. Focus on what you want your audience to feel, when they see a particular piece and work backwards to achieve that experience.

monetize your content

3. Find the Right Format

One key learning is to craft your content in a format that is easy to consume and watched enjoyably by your followers and prospective audience. There is no dearth of format types either and creators can choose from blog posts, videos, graphics, eBooks, podcasts or whatever creative tools of application, a creative mind can think of. But the key here is to discover the hero content format.

However, it also doesn’t mean that a creator has to stick to only one format for every piece of content created. Rather discovering the winning formula includes mix and match of various content types, to keep the audience engaged and glued to your updates. Hence, creating content in any format with a consistent, calendar-based churn rate lets your audience become accustomed and familiar with your posting frequency and align expectations.

Just to put that in perspective, a YouTube or any other platform-based podcast series might be a great promotional tactic for your content goals, but it requires a multi-format skill set, equipment-based knowledge with a persistent drive, to stick to it.

Compare that to a blog which is less resourceful and capital-intensive. Hence, choosing the content format requires commitment and then utilizing the right tools to publish and promote your content online

find the right format for making content

4. Fit to Platform

Content comes in many forms – videos, blogs, podcasts, reviews, and many other formats, but its success relies on your ability to adapt it to your preferred, flagship medium. One size does not fit all and it is necessary to tailor your content according to the relevant medium.

This is also very important when you try to reach out to and engage your audience; where they are. It’s also about finding the right balance between self-promotion, sharing useful information and entertainment. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat are all great mediums to create and share content.

The key is to understand the medium and its requirements. Then making and tailoring content to fit the platform and its execution formats. E.g., understanding how interaction with short video formats such as reels and stories occurs in META (FB Vs Insta), then comparing it with YouTube Shorts and how to drive conversion to the main content in each.

perform well monetize well

5. Know Your Audience

Too many times, we jump to audience metrics of reach, frequency and engagement without understanding the content consumption behavior of the audience themselves. The key to creating successful content is to make your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them —and for that you need to know them like an old friend.

Try to research and find their tension points, motivations, aspirations, challenges and fears. Understand their best possible outcomes, their dream solutions, and their biggest fantasies. Provide solutions and fun, just like a friend does.

make audience specific content

6. Authenticity and consistency with Long-term Direction

Keep in mind what makes your content yours, is you. While it is important to innovate and bring in new flavors for your audience, it is sticking to what makes your content unique compared to others and don’t give up on your roots. Consistency adds authenticity and helps the audience relate to you on a personal level.

Also, if you have committed to a regular publishing schedule, like delivering a new post every Wednesday, your audience will expect to see posts published on Wednesdays – so try not to disappoint them! In case you are unable to deliver as per schedule, you can put up a small post to let them know. It is good to keep them informed.

7. Listen Up

If content is king, well so is the customer! Follow intently what your audience is saying to you and about you. Find out what they like and maybe don’t like, and try to incorporate that feedback. While you know your content best, you will be surprised at the amount of constructive feedback you can get (for free) – and it will actually help you create better content – and hey that is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

8. Brand Endorsements

While getting brand endorsements can be a tough task, getting on-board with your favorite or preferred brand will require more visibility and consistency! As you build your audience and repute, brands will eventually pick you up. However, the key is not to put the product or brand before your content.

The cart should not drive the horse. The idea is to showcase and integrate only the brands that align with your beliefs, audience, personality or online character. Doing so, is likely to get you noticed as brands today are always on the lookout for content creators, who can add value to their proposition. However, social media users can easily sniff out content that feels fake and will tune it out. So, like we said before, it is important to stick to your roots – be real and be genuine.

Hope you find these tips useful. Let us know if we have missed any. Also, what difficulties are you facing on the road to monetization of your content? Those will help us come up with more practical insights to address the challenges and we would love to add those to the list. Bon voyage to a great creator’s journey ahead.

Is being an Influencer a Full-Time Job?

Is being an Influencer a Full-Time Job? 1500 500 Muhammad Zohaib

You’ve probably heard the phrase “being an influencer is not a real full-time job” often. It suggests that uploading content to social media requires no skills or effort, and anyone can do it.

However, the rise of the creator economy has enabled many influencers to build successful careers. This contradicts popular opinion and supports the notion that being an influencer is a legitimate full-time job.

Who is an Influencer?

According to Merriam-Webster, an influencer is “one who exerts influence: a person who inspires or guides the actions of others”. Hence an influencer is anyone who influences and helps to shape how other people think. This usually pertains to a specific field or niche area/industry that the influencer belongs to.

People follow influencers for their opinions and what they have to say on topics that interest them. In today’s age, social media plays an integral role in our lives, and we rely on it heavily. As a result, influencers’ viewpoints hold greater value for us.

The pandemic and evolving work dynamics have redefined the concept of a ‘real job,’ moving it beyond rigid & typical 9-5.  The popularity of flexible work schedules, including remote, freelance, and work-from-home options, has surged.

Potential and Realities of a Full-Time Influencer Career

Considering the possibilities in all of these, being an influencer is very much plausible. So, whoever is planning out concepts, films, production, and edits and is ready and willing to post content regularly to earn money (usually all on their own) can very well be considered self-employed and engaged in working full-time.

The main appeal of being an influencer is the fact that it can be an extremely lucrative job (depending on the individual’s following and brand affiliations/deals), and a person is likely to earn more money than they would at a more conventional job.

You don’t need a certain degree or educational qualification to be an influencer either, literally, anyone can do it.

Influencers have to build their brand and produce content all on their own. Hence, it takes as much time and effort as any other profession or a more conventional job.

Demands and Success of the Influencer Lifestyle

They have to work hard to be consistent with their content and not only build/establish their audience but maintain it and actively try to grow their audience. Influencers have to keep evolving with trends to keep their content interesting and to keep their followers engaged.

While working with brands, like a “regular job”, influencers have to meet deadlines and deliver their content according to brand requirements.

TikTok influencer Charli D a’melio became extremely popular in 2020, when her dance videos went viral and garnered huge following, reach and engagement on the platform.

She now has her own clothing line, reality tv show, is currently on the dance competition show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and has done various brand endorsements for Dunkin Donuts and Takis to name a few. Hence being an influencer is now her full-time career.

Shaveer Influencer

Pakistani Influencers as Full-Time Career Makers

Pakistani influencers like Waliya Najeeb and Shahveer Jafry were able to turn being influencers into their full-time careers. Waliya was initially a photographer when she started her Instagram page but after gaining popularity, she now solely focuses on producing beauty and lifestyle content, along with modeling and working with big local brands such as Khaadi, Gul Ahmed etc. Similarly, Shahveer started his career by filming small skit videos and collaborating with fellow Pakistani youtuber Zaid Ali T.

Eventually, he was able to gain a mass fan following through his relatable content on ‘desi culture’ and the representation of foreign Pakistanis through humor.

However, the main downside of being an influencer is that it offers little to no job security and is not a sustainable career path. As long as the influencer is popular and getting views/likes, only then they will be making money and brands will want to work with them.

Even though more people are slowly opening up and accepting the idea, working as an influencer is still shunned and there is a stigma attached to it in society. What do you think? Is being an influencer a real job? Or is it just an easy way to earn money, free products, perks and a quick way to become famous?

6 Ways to Turn Your Influencers Into Brand Advocates

6 Ways to Turn Your Influencers Into Brand Advocates 1200 628 admin

Influencers, as we all know are social media celebrities. People follow these content creators and love to watch their content in their social media feeds. Not only that, 49% of them refer to their favorite brand advocates when making certain purchase decisions.

So, do these influencers contribute to conversions? The answer is an absolute yes. About 40% of users made purchases after watching a product on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

Many brands have incorporated influencer marketing in their marketing strategy. But, to make the most out of it, organizations need to convert influencers into their brand advocates.

And how will you be able to do that? Here, we bring you six ways that will help you to achieve this.

01. Influencers takeover your social media

Normally, when companies conduct influencer marketing activities, they send their products to influencers or ask them to shoot testimonials. Influencers publish that content on their social media while tagging the businesses.

That’s a traditional influencer marketing tactic. Here, you turn the tables around. You ask influencers to take control of your social media for a certain period of time. This will give your brand a face people can relate to. It will also help in recalling your brand when that same influencer will appear on their mobile screens.

For example, you can invite influencers to take a master class using your brand. Influencers of Pakistan shared their influencer’s video highlighting how to keep COVID away.

Example of brand advocate social media takeover

02. Educating and interacting with the audience

Educating the audience about your product or business, discussion sessions, launching a new product, or interacting one to one with the audience can be best done through Live sessions.

Not only that, when such sessions will be hosted by influencers of your niche, people would want to see what the session is all about and what will they get from it. This will put the audience’s trust in your brand.

For example, a service-based business can provide training or hold a session about a certain topic. This will make the audience hook with your brand.

Example of educating the audience

03. Series of a content

While posting influencer-made content in the form of ‘take over your social media’ is a good tactic. An upgraded level of the same tactic is to produce content serially. That is, either you take one influencer to speak on different topics related to your niche. Or take different brand advocates to speak on a similar topic.

Also, multiple sessions of different influencers altogether can be held to create a panel discussion between influencers and the audience. Podcasts or interviews can be another way to communicating your brand message through an influencer’s voice, on your social media.

For example, Influencers of Pakistan arranges its training programs periodically with different influencers sharing their expertise about how to become and grow as a successful influencer.

Example of brand advocates' series of content

04. Using influencers as affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring conversions. Whenever a sale takes place due to an influencer, s/he gets paid with a certain percentage of the sale amount. 

You might face challenges while converting your influencers into affiliates i.e. they might not trust your product or ask for an amount to promote your products as affiliates. 

But, if you have already established a good relationship with influencers and conducted the above-mentioned activities with them, they will be able to collaborate with you on a commission basis.

05. Understand and value influencer’s ideas

In normal practice, influencers are given instructions to create certain content. However, they are also given the freedom to create content in a way that meets the objective of collaboration. 

But, when you give them the liberty to create content as per their understanding, the results will be different. Because these influencers understand your audience better than you. They know what kind of content they love and engage with.

By giving influencers the liberty to create content, they feel comfortable and friendly. Thus leading to a long-term relationship. Also, when influencers have a better understanding of a brand, they feel more comfortable working with them and generate better ideas.

For example, you may ask your best influencers to create a WOW moment at your product launch, by making their presence surprisingly.

06. Track your influencer activities and measure ROI

When you look at the content created by influencers, you might look at good numbers of engagement, but is that the only metric with which you can measure ROI? We think not. Below we present some ways to track and measure your influencer campaign performance.

Use UTM links

Remember we talked about asking your influencers to become affiliates? That’s where Walee comes in. Using the platform of Walee, your influencers can get their UTM link with which you and they can track their performance in terms of website clicks, impressions, and most importantly; sales.

Number of mentions

Check whether is there any spike in the number of brand mentions and their context too. How people are talking about your brand or any communication of your business. This can easily be done by our Walee Enterprise Social Listening tool, which fetches every post or tweet mentioning your brand name.

Sentiment analysis

As influencers start advocating your brand, see whether it has changed your brand perception (from negative to neutral or positive). Do people recognize and recall your brand in the market?

Source of traffic

From where you are receiving the most mentions and traffic? Is the source relevant to your industry or niche? Are the topics related to your business?

As you track and measure these technical points of your post-collaboration, and you match the results with the objectives, you can find room for improvement.

This will help you to focus on the concerns your audience and customers might have regarding your brand.

How we can help you in meeting your influencer marketing objectives

Do you feel trouble finding the right influencers for your business? Or do you think it is too time taking to search for influencers? You might have found the influencer you want to work with but don’t know how to approach them?

That’s where you will need Walee. We help you in finding the best fit for your influencer marketing campaign, provide you relevant details like their niche, the content they create, their audience details, etc.

With Walee, you make informed decisions on every corner and measure performance in real-time so that you control your campaigns promptly.

Tried and trusted by leading brands such as Reckitt Benckiser, Burger King, and more, with a community of 100k+ influencers and affiliates, we make sure you get the maximum satisfying results of your campaign and therefore, turn influencers into your brand advocates.

Lets’ connect now and tune up your influencer marketing.

Top Influencer Marketing Trends of 2021

Top Influencer Marketing Trends of 2021 1024 682 admin

If you’re struggling to keep up with the latest influencer marketing trends, don’t worry you have come to the right place. It’s already a big industry and it is only getting bigger. Social media is constantly updating with the latest technology; content creation is much harder nowadays than it was early on. 

The content, and approach with every brand are different because it depends on their audience what they like to see. To maximize the reach of influencers, the creators strategize according to the brands, followers,  and their consumers.

Two best friends vlogging about make up

The e-commerce universe is getting stronger day by day, as entrepreneurs come up with new ideas for their startups, they rely upon influencer marketing to scale up their new venture. 

2021 has brought lots of hope and creative content for the industry because life is now almost back to normal. Influencers are not stuck in their homes anymore. Influencer marketing still earned 46% more profit than other advertising methods.

Social media

Online earning is becoming easier because of opportunities like this. People have so much to access on social media, they pretty much can do anything they want in the comfort of their homes.

Here are some of the latest trends you need to follow if you are an Influencer in 2021:


Companies and influencers work together for long-term, ongoing tasks as opposed to a one-off partnership. There are a couple of motives for this shift. If you need to capitalize on this influencer advertising and marketing trend, we propose advertisements on different platforms. 

 It can also help to group with an influencer advertising and marketing community to offer yourself a few legitimacies.

marketing community


Influencer marketing trends have specified that by 2021, the connections and collaborations will be laid off amongst influencers. There are influencer networks that are seeking methods to grow influencer marketing campaigns and earn extra money this way.


People simply love video. With the growing fame of TikTok and other short video creation platforms along with the creation of Instagram Reels, we are going to be seeing extra video content than ever.

Teleconferences to meet with her diverse colleagues

Plus, IGTV is simply sitting there, Instagram is waiting to let out the ad revenue that everybody is waiting for when they stop testing and permit the ads to go live.


Now we have new possibilities for influencer marketing trends and company sponsorships via social commerce. Shoppable videos and posts have created a new customer experience from influencer content to brand channels. In 2021, influencers should continue this trend and seek partnerships with brands that want this type of content which will eventually generate more revenue for their business.



The paid ads are typically not utilized in conjunction with influencer marketing campaigns. Using the built-in features of Instagram Ads or other social media platforms that help target an authentic audience, brands are going to be able to obtrude high-quality influencer content to those that care about seeing it, without counting on social media algorithms to make it happen.


The celebrities came across distanced from the reality and worries that people were facing and a fair number of celebrities highlighted it instead of letting it go. All such differences between the celebrities will help the authentic influencers to get further chances to shine and to get more opportunities.



The audience looks for a human factor, and this could be performed with the help of influencers that constantly interact with their followers. Whether it’s Q&A’s, requesting feedback, or simply providing their followers with content that is tailored to their needs.

Personalize content

Influencers that carry personalized and quality content elements in their social media have more active followers. Furthermore, collaborate frequently to have a better engagement that helps in making the campaign more successful.


Influencers need to be more consistent and precise, so the followers are always engaging with them. Brands don’t like to spend their money or to partner with influencers who go MIA (Missing In Action) for days.


People expect influencers to stand up for a social cause like #MeToo  #BlackLivesMatter.



Social activism will increase more social media users, who want more influencers from the same race/religion/background to be in the spotlight. The influencer world is more diverse in 2021.


The no edit/no makeup trends will get more highlighted because it depict the life of ordinary people. Nobody is all glammed up all the time. Influencers should create content on the struggles they go through in their daily lives to resemble their followers. 

Best Film Series on Influencer Marketing

Best Film Series on Influencer Marketing 1024 682 admin

By 2022, influencer marketing will become a $15 billion worth industry. Influencer marketing is one of the powerful tools in the world right now. Millions of people make everyday purchasing decisions based on the opinions of their favorite influencers. In addition, one chooses an individual, especially with dedicated social media. Moreover, it must indeed be furthermore within a business niche to endorse products and legacy.


Source: CNN

The entertainment industry has also jumped on the bandwagon by doing promotions of the movies. Done this far with the help of Instagram influencers. Many films and series are also starring famous influencers to make them more successful. Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy because folks trust them. People are willing to do anything to see their favorite social media stars on the big screen.

social media endorsement

Source: Deccan Herald

The followers are interested in the influencer’s daily life, what they wear, what they eat, what products they are endorsing, and what type of movies/TV shows they are binge-watching. This level of curiosity is the dream opportunity for social media marketers to sell and market their products through influencer marketing. One movie recommendation coming from the influencer will boost up the viewership by 80%. The amount of trust and following they have is perfect for social media marketing.

Social media marketing

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The entertainment industry uses series on influencer marketing and sponsoring endorsements in the movies because it is more effective and less expensive. Moreover, research has also proved that social media, in particular, is corrupting our lives. Furthermore, on the other hand, people suffer from psychological disorders. In addition, it is due to insecurities and peer pressure to fit indeed with the standards of social media.

Here are some movies based on Influencer marketing and endorsements:


Influencer movie

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This movie is based on the reality of social media influencers and the aspect of internet fame. However, it highlights influencer marketing, in particular, four social media celebrities. Besides, Paris Hilton, Brittany Furlan, Josh Ostrovsky. Moreover, Kirill Bichutsky also. Bichutsky talks casually about fame. In addition to this, he also talked about how many ways it has destroyed and disturbed relationships as well as mental health.


Walee Social media

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Ingrid Goes West is a dark comedy. Ingrid, played by Aubrey Plaza, becomes obsessed with Taylor’s role played by Elizabeth Olsen, a social media influencer from Los Angeles. Taylor diaries her glitzy beachy life on social media like on Instagram.



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A must-watch series on influencer marketing that reveals the truth of social media across the world. This movie portrays the shockwave of what goes on behind the camera of social media along with creator marketing. Furthermore, a perception of how social media can be improved.



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It is a teen drama/comedy in particular. Accordingly, it is about a girl especially going through the social media fame rabbit hole. She consequently transforms into another person hence fitting in the social media standards.



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A social media influencer targets a group of his followers into a late event at an abandoned movie studio where they come across a murderous clown. This movie portrays that people can do anything to get fame.


Marketing Endorsement

Sweat is a series on influencer marketing featuring a fitness influencer. She has followers in thousands on social media. Sylwia, played by Magdalena Koleśnike, makes endorsement deals and has a photo spread in articles.

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She and her followers started to share more frequently online. This makes the pressure built by the anxious sponsors and progressively obsessive fans make her confess her deepest insecurities. 


First and above all, this film stars Addison Rae. Hence, she is one of the most followed TikTok stars, in particular. In addition, it’s indeed a great marketing strategy to star influencers in the movies.


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In this film, Rae as Padgett Sawyer plays a social-media influencer who attempts to makeover one of the school’s outcasts.


This season depicts the negative aspect of social media, that with the wrong use and intentions social media can destroy lives, and probably can kill someone.

Social media marketing

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It is based on the idea of identity theft and catfishing people on social media. It revolves around the disappearance of a perfect husband and father, who later found out to be a harasser and cheater.


This documented film is based on a destination music festival held in the Bahamas. It is visualized by entrepreneur cum scammer, Billy McFarland, and Ja Rule. They sell out pricey tickets in thousands with the promise of an extravagant festival filled with swimsuit models and beach chalets.

Celebrities Influencers

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The festival never happens, some influencers abuse their power to fill up their bank accounts. The greed to earn money never stops for some of them. Fyre gets promoted over an Instagram influencer campaign, with an initial boost by a publicity video that includes many celebrities. The chance to festivity with Instagram celebrities on a white-sand beach is appealing, and the festival rapidly sells 5,000 tickets.

The Fyre fiasco is the most obvious reminder in recent history that faking it on social media will always come back to bite you.


Famous Influencer

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Indeed, an unreal social experiment. In addition, Fake Famous is the reality-based story of a social experiment. Furthermore, it unveils what’s happening that in particular is hidden behind influencer fame.

However, don’t forget to watch them and have an unusual experience yourself. Besides, also, learn about influencer marketing and if you have such quality, join Walee to earn.

Gadgets Every Influencer Should Have

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Being an influencer, content creator, or entrepreneur is a business itself. The content one delivers should have quality. And it has been becoming challenging with each passing day.

After YouTube and Facebook, influencers have engaged their followers on Instagram and TikTok. Once influencers upload the content, it is indeed admired by the followers. Furthermore, influencers, in particular, know how much hard work indeed they put in to deliver quality.

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Being the influencers on the social media platform, you will know how much you need support from gadgets to get content shot in a short period. On these social media platforms, one has to be efficient and quick for posting their content.  

Most of the influencers shoot content is from your phone. And you get appreciation and praise upon sharing the content. These efforts and appreciations require a good number of gadgets. One should own and upgrade their mobile equipment setup. The collection of gadgets will make your content worthwhile.

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Here is all that you need to know about essential gadgets to make exclusive content for your followers.


While making content either from a smartphone or a camera, obviously there is a memory card. It stores all the efforts from scratch of the content creator and the team. Somehow, one forgets to label the cards and where they have kept them in hurry.

Having a “card wallet” is the most essential equipment to success. It is handy and has pockets to contain memory cards and chips in categories. If you don’t have it, definitely make a purchase and without a doubt, it will save you from hassle either to find the card or to secure it.


During the shoot, we encounter unnecessary light that lowers the quality of the content. And this may too happen if you are using extra light sources. To be free from such stray lights, your equipment needs to add a member, “lens camera hood.”

The use of a lens hood will stop stray light from coming onto your lens and create a lens flare. And sometimes stray lights give your images less contrast. Buy it, use it and see the benefits of the purchase.


Many times the influencers have faced screen damage nontheless shooting the content. For the sake of valuable content and the comfort of influencers and content creators, therefore smartphone grip came into existence.

It has been observed that the mobile grip is the most innovative and reliable equipment for shooting high-quality content with smartphones. One of the best inventions for professional video and for adding peripheral microphones, lights, or extra batteries. Clearly, It is a consistent and easy-to-use board for journalists, influencers, and content creators.


This microphone comes with stronger sound and cell devices. Using a high-frequency auditory tube gives a super clear audio sample to select out up sound from the course the camera is facing.

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The shotgun mic might not hassle with some other distracting noise. With a pill installed at the shocks, it does not seize a great deal dealing with sound and the microphone housing has a wind protect the design.


Often jolts are recorded when making content, as a result, the creator gets upset. No more to worry about. A smartphone stabilizer will absolutely be steadier than your hand.

The smartphone stabilizer absorbs all the jerks, instability, and unsteadiness. The stabilizer lets you move around freely and at your ease. It will remove shaky or shadowy footage to aid your videos to look the best. Furthermore, brushless motors are used that retain your smartphone or camera steady in particular during recording action shots.

As per our expert team, the above shared are the essential gadgets every influencer should have. If you have all these essential gadgets & creativity, you can be an influencer. Also, you can join Walee as an influencer and earn money from your content.

Share your experience with the gadgets in the comments.

Rise of Ecommerce During Pandemic

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It is not a surprise anymore that the current pandemic has drastically changed our lives and brought in rise of ecommerce. From hygiene to lifestyle, it has altered everything. And when the lifestyle of even a definite community changes, it leaves an impression on commerce


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According to  R Cancello, “More than a third of people were able to positively reorganize their lives during the forced home confinement. It is worth disseminating information to preserve a healthy lifestyle even when confined at home.” 

Source: PubMed.gov

But here, we are not talking about a group of people, but the whole globe. Since now, we have turned into a global village because the best and safest way to connect with everyone is online

Work from home

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According to the International Labour Organization, “Organizations that were previously familiar with teleworking, as well as organizations that have not experimented with teleworking before, were sending their employees home, creating the conditions for the most extensive mass teleworking experiment in history.”

Source: International Labour Organization’s Practical Guide

There was an impact on the business industry. After consideration in a matter of weeks only, the traffic from brick-and-mortar shops has shifted to e-shops. Today, we will discover the influence of lockdown on the world & rise of ecommerce.

The Toilet Roll Deficit

As stated by Science Daily, “In economics, hoarding is often explored in the context of savings. When consumer confidence is down, spending drops and households increase their savings if they can, because they expect bad times ahead,” explains Professor Baddeley.

Remember how people were so clueless about how they will be able to buy their necessities and started hoarding? Most people had to search besides their local stores. And this brought them to search for all of it online. They searched at different platforms, all of the ways they had avoided earlier in fear of fraud.


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The complication is of the exhortations or regulations to work, one needs to have faith within our fellow citizens and in the government authorities that are equipping them. If people do not trust that the majority of others are going to play by these unorthodox and limited rules, they are unlikely to stick to them themselves.

A well-known example is the “tragedy of the commons,” firstly determined by shepherded animals overgrazing the lands. In certain conditions, those who run after their rational self-interest develop worse consequences for themselves than if they reacted on a basis of reciprocity, expecting the rest of the public to do the same.


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Rise of Entrepreneurs

In a pandemic, everything was closing without prior warning. Hence,  various industries got hit. Thus, it ended in a loss when the companies could no longer manage the equation; downsizing began. During pandemic there was a huge imbalance as job market was observing layoffs and online business was experience rise of ecommerce.

Pandemic made companies allow many potential and well-deserving employees to resign. And then, one person was presumed to cover for three. They covered for three as were blessed to be at least employed. 

covid layoffs and rise of entrepreneurs

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Laying off employees is difficult in normal times; but amidst the Covid-19 global health crisis, the task is “emotionally and cognitively overwhelming,” according to Joshua Margolis, a professor at Harvard Business School.

Source: hbr.org 

All this made most of us realize how temporary our jobs are and how unstable only one line of income can be. No job was secure until and unless you are taking up more than your assigned responsibilities, Most of the employees have to work for extended hours and had no margin for breaks. And due to the pandemic, Some had to give up their jobs as they had no such facility at home to work for their employers. For small chunks of money with more targets, Some were demoted and some had to work. 

Pandemic Jobless

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Rise of Ecommerce and emerging Entrepreneurs

Such uncertainties and job insecurities lend some people towards entrepreneurship. A good number of entrepreneurs emerged during the lockdown. Most of them as expected were employees that were let go by their organization. They looked for the potential market. And worked on their social circle to spread the word and help them to survive the pandemic. 

“Among everyone who is becoming entrepreneurs, most of them are ex-employees, thinking that most of them had learned so much from their ex-companies — taking knowledge and any useful pieces of information for their next business. These ex-employees adored entrepreneurs very much. After becoming slaves for some corporations, getting rid of your bosses and becoming a boss in your own company is like a golden ticket to heaven,” according to Kenny Rivaldi.

Source: medium.com

Walee Pandemic


With free time, principal savings, and the help of a platform like Walee, a range of prospective entrepreneurs emerged. Walee plays an active role and supports entrepreneurs. It has introduced numerous and diverse marketing campaigns related to all kinds of enterprises. Walee has made entrepreneurs improve themselves and their living standards. An affiliate program was introduced which made all this was made possible.

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